Michael shoots depostions for attorneys. He has hard wired mics and a Panasonic DVX 100A for for the best audio and video. He can produce a DVD of the depostion when the depo is over for the day. He can edit specific segments of the footage into Quicktime clips for court use.
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2 p39_7-42_11
3 p43_12-44_17
4 p45_9-47_16
5 p89_11-92_9
6 p92_19-96_14
7 p100_23-103_6
The table on the left contains seven video clips ready for court use. To download the Quicktime clips to your computer, just right click on the clip and "save target as" into a folder on your hard drive. Then double click on the clip and it will play with Quicktime.
Clip #3 on right is an embedded flash clip

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Link to clip #3 on youtube.com
Gregg Young Pink Cadillac_iphone
Gregg Young Pink Cadillac_mov
South Bay Rockers (Quicktime)
Gregg Young and the 2nd Street Band
Vic Otten
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3