CIS59B Lab Assignments

Week 1 Sept 1 01.Lab
Week 2 Sept 8 Horizontal Menu
Fergusons Farmers Market
Week 3 Sept 15 Template Tutorial
Week 4 Sept 22 02.Lab-1
Sprys AccordionTabbed Panels
Collapsible Panel Dataset
Tabbed Panels
Tool Tips
Google Site map
Week 5 Sept 29 GoogleFonts
Week 6 Oct 6 US Naval Station Long Beach
Week 7 Oct 13 01.LabPart4 Extensions Flash Player
Week 8 Oct 20 Halloween Haunt
Midterm Oct 20 Frightfuls Haunted House
Week 9 Oct 27
Week 10 Nov 3 Wars in Space
Final Project   Gazebos
Week 11 Nov 10 Responsive Design HTML5 Video Player-demo
Week 12 Nov 17 JQuery itunes Slider
Clean Browser Targeting
Week 13 Nov 24 ServerSideIncludes AIR
Week 14 Dec 1 OOCSS Image Technique OOCSS Columns

960 Layout System

1140 Grid


Week `15 Dec 8 videojs
Week16 Dec15 Final Project


Michael    My name is Michael Forbes. I play saxophone, flute, guitar, keyboards and sing. I have my own band called the Michael Forbes Explosion Band. We play Classic Rock dance music. I also play sax with tribute bands like Which One's Pink and the Hollywood Stones.
   I also do video production and build web sites with streaming flash clips for promo packs for bands and other businesses.
   My plan is to built a well mapped web site for my gazebo business that will be set up for Search Engine Optomization using all the tools I learned this semester. When potential customers Google for gazebos in Southern California, my site will come up first in Google. I will be able to conduct business from home using my web site and then go out on closing calls.
   I have 3 other web sites for my music and production businesses:

   You can find a complete calendar of Michael's gigs and contact information on these sites. Check out the video clips of Michael performing with Which One's Pink, Shine On, Any Color You Like, Hollywood Stones, Michael Forbes Explosion Band and Alan Parsons.